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Tips and Tricks - Air Compressors

My Dual Compressor Setup.

My setup consists of 2 compressors, a primary endless air and a secondary ARB compressor. The endless air system comprises of a modified Sanden compressor mounted to the engine on a custom bracket. Air is sourced from the Patrols air filter canister and is compressed and discharged through a check valve to a 9L alloy tank mounted under the drivers side floor pan. Connected to the check valve is a T-piece which goes to an adjustable pressure switch mounted on a bracket connected to the fuel filter assembly. Mounted on the pressure switch is a pressure gauge and relief (safety) valve set to 165PSI. The pressure switch is set to come on at 100PSI and cut out at 130PSI. From the air tank, compressed air is fed to front and rear air couplings which are protected by rubber covers.

The secondary setup ARB compressor is mounted under the passengers side seat to keep if away from dust, water and heat. Connected to the centre outlet of the compressor is a T -piece that has the pressure switch and air hose coming off it. The other two outlets have the Airlocker activation solenoids fitted. The airline is 10mm compressor hose that goes to a check valve mounted to a bulkhead fitting in the floor pan. From here, it goes to a T -piece where it joins into the primary endless air system. To monitor the systems pressure, I have fitted a VDO pressure gauge on the dash. This is coupled via a Nitto fitting and 4mm flexible plastic tube to another Nitto fitting connected to a T-piece near the front air coupling.

For a complete in depth write up on the endless air system, go to my Endless Air Project page.

Endless air compressor.Check valve and T-piece going to air tank and pressure switch.Pressure switch with gauge and relief valve.

Alloy 9L air tank mounted to under drivers side floor pan.ARB Compressor mounted under the passengers seat.Rear air coupling and dust cap.

Roly's ARB Setup.

Roly has mounted his ARB compressor in the cab behind the passengers seat. It feeds air through high flow compressor hose to an air manifold located in the engine bay on the firewall. Hanging off the manifold are the Airlocker solenoids, pressure switch and an air chuck. Connected to the other end is a shutoff valve which will feed air to a future tank which will be mounted under his tray.